Choosing a Motorbike

To rent or not to rent a bike in Bali, and if to rent, then which one. That is the question. As far as renting a motorbike is concerned, we can keep it brief and to the point: yes, you will definitely feel more comfortable and mobile with a scooter than without it. It will also be cheaper than taking a taxi or depending on a sightseeing tour bus. You should give careful thought to choosing the motorbike model because there are a number of nuances. We have put together all the necessary information in this article. Do you want to know how to choose a motorbike in Bali? Then read this article to the end.

Motorbikes in Bali. What Kind of Vehicles They Are

On the island, the term “bike” almost always refers to a small — by our standards — scooter. Regarding the technical aspects, the engine cubic capacity of such a vehicle usually ranges between 120 and 160 cc. In terms of horsepower, this amounts to 12–16 hp. A scooter is typically equipped with a CVT. As for the seating position, it provides for a stool-like upright type of riding position. A trunk compartment is hidden under the seat cover. In other words, don’t imagine a powerful motorcycle. You won’t need it on the island. A small scooter will be quite enough. Why?
This vehicle ensures slow and steady riding as much as possible. The traffic in popular tourist spots and major cities in Bali is quite busy and aggressive. At the same time, no one drives at 100-150 km/h on the island.
A motorbike is more budget-friendly in terms of fuel consumption, maintenance, and ease of handling.
It is still a powerful and agile vehicle which you can quite efficiently ride almost anywhere. The automatic transmission will spare you the need to puzzle over which gear to shift and when.

Tips on Choosing a Motorbike

How to Do Everything Right?
Anyone can learn to ride a scooter. But keep in mind that when you get behind the wheel, you become a driver and not a pedestrian. The most important rule: always consider your own safety and the safety of others. Careful and responsible driving is the key to a comfortable vacation and positive emotions. It requires not only learning to ride, but also choosing the motorbike. How can you do it?
Assess your motorcycle riding experience level
If you have minimal experience or none at all, a lightweight and controllable scooter will be just right. Spare parts and repairs should be cheap because you are definitely bound to fall. No training is possible without it. Do not forget about medical insurance, transport insurance, riding equipment, and it is highly preferable to train with an instructor. Honda Scooby is a great motorbike model for beginners. We particularly recommend young women to take a closer look at it.
If you have any experience in riding a scooter or a motorcycle, you can select a powerful and manoeuvrable motorbike. Before entering a road with heavy traffic, try riding on a deserted site. No matter your driving proficiency, every car still needs to be experienced. In this case, the situation is similar, although the vehicle is dramatically smaller. No matter how confident you are, in Bali, chaotic left-hand traffic can knock even an experienced driver out of the saddle. You can opt for speedy Honda PCX (for one passenger) and Yamaha New Nmax (for riding two-up).
If you have been riding a motorcycle or a scooter for a long time, focus on your tasks at hand. For the travel routes that are not too challenging, you can opt for the models reviewed in the previous paragraph. To those wishing to travel long distances with utmost comfort both in the rain and under the scorching sun, we suggest considering Yamaha New Xmax.

Important Notes

If you are not very tall and have a low weight, go for a more lightweight motorbike. This applies to riders with a low to moderate fitness level. It is obvious that not everyone swims or works out in a gym all day long. Typically, young women are by default not as strong as men. If you drop the motorbike, you will definitely have to pick it up. So why suffer in attempts to do this if you can rent the best possible vehicle option right from the start. If you're tall and stout, consider a motorbike that's heavier, more powerful, and has a bulkier body so that you don't push its limits. It will be uncomfortable for a heavy-set and physically fit person to ride a lightweight compact scooter, and even visually it will appear incongruous.
Take into account your fitness level and physiological parameters
Estimate in advance how far and how much you will travel on a motorbike
For short-distance rides, renting a 125cc scooter will be enough. For long trips or for riding two-up, better opt for more powerful models with an engine capacity between 150cc and 220cc. Pay attention to the fuel tank capacity, and it is also worth asking about the fuel consumption.
Determine the number of passengers and the luggage capacity per each scooter
In case of heavy loads and/or if there is a second traveller, definitely search for a larger motorbike. Not all scooter models are designed to transport bulky luggage or two people. If needed, you can rent a saddle bag for a large backpack or several small ones.

Bottom Line

Choosing a bike in Bali may be both an easy task and a real challenge. However, it is better to take care of your convenience and mobility in advance than to spoil your trip or your stay for the winter. If you still have questions, please contact us. We will help you understand the subtle differences and recommend which scooter to rent according to your objectives.